"What's your Appetite?"

Surrounding myself with beauty- 
Sunflower in a vase in my apartment
For the past few years, I have had the opportunity to read and listen to people who have earned quite a credible reputation of success, people like Bo Sanchez, Joyce Meyer, John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, and Robin Sharma.

One of their most common life lessons was “what you focus on grows”. Throughout the years, I have slowly practiced to just really be picky with what I expose in my mind. I surround myself with beauty. I seek authors who write inspirational content. I listen to friends and mentors who are supportive of me. I watch series or movies which are family oriented or educational. I do minimize watching content that has gory or carnal images. Contents that seem to be available these days seem to aim to desensitize us from immorality. So, I support the challenging yet possible notion of consistently feeding our minds with something substantial.


I recently flew back to the Philippines from New York. A 13,000-mile distance takes about 15-17 hours one way. With this long flight, I do catch up on my
reading or watching movies. I was browsing thru the available movies, skimming through the synopsis of movies that seem to appeal to me, mostly those based on true stories.  I wasn’t in any mood to watch critically acclaimed or Oscar-winning movies. Then I found “She Said”.  The title alone was not appealing to me, but for some reason, it just caught my attention. I reviewed the summary and got curious about its story. It was a story about these two New York Times journalists who exposed the sexual exploits of the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. The movie helped opened my eye to a lot of things: one- that such exploitation does exist in Hollywood; secondly, I appreciated the work and extra mile these journalists had to do to find the truth, and lastly, this movie showed why New York Times continues to earn its credibility after all these years. It showed me how the news published by New York Times is only based on facts, backed by writers who diligently stay true to their job and even beyond. It was impactful to me that it actually spurred me to subscribe to the New York Times for a year. Now when I read the content of this paper, I am assured of its factual content and reliable journalists. I am one of those who actually just find out information about the world through friends or my clients. I was never one who sought to find out the news about the world (I know I really should be) but subscribing to the New York Times, became an avenue for me to educate myself of the current events.


So, I urge you, my dear friends, to be very picky with the books you read, the music that you listen to, the movies you watch, the conversations you engage in, and the people you hang out with. It may lead you to a path not only where you may gain knowledge but may propel you to grow as a person and a human being. Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said, “What you feed your mind determines your appetite”