Pick up the Phone

Matcha Beignets from Grace Street Dessert Cafe
in K Town
 Recently, I was feeling sad just thinking about the family deaths that my family had to endure in the past few years.

I knew that it wasn't healthy for me to be thinking of this and cowering in one corner. I am also not the type to express detailed feelings on social media. However, I also know that it is not healthy for me to wallow in this bubble with this grim feeling. 

So, I thought I needed to be around a few of my fave people who can help uplift my spirits just by their mere company of positivity. I knew I needed to have dinner with them. I am lucky to have been able to keep my friendship with these wonderful people after so many years.

So I called these friends if they were free for Friday night. And luckily they were. We met up in New York, in Korea town aka K town. My friends lined up in one of our fave restaurants there while waiting for me to arrive. We got our table and ordered our usual. And in less than 10 minutes, our order came. Of course, our conversations did not end during dinner. We had to move to a dessert place to continue our conversations. And just like that. It's like a heavy burden was lifted off of my shoulders. Getting good food, good dessert with good friends, and good conversations matters!

So, if you feel down, don't ever feel the need to go through it alone. Pick up the phone and round up your good friends!

As someone said, "Time and good friends are two things that become more valuable the older you get."