How Eating Chicken Feet Led Me to Write Again

My parents have a strong appetite for ‘chicken adidas’, a term used in the Philippines to refer to chicken feet. It is remindful of the trefoil logo of the German shoe brand “adidas”. I and my siblings do have an aversion to it.  For me, it was mainly because the sight of it was just unappealing and just really creepy to look at, let alone eat it.


Recently, I was having dinner at my friend’s house and she cooked chicken feet in adobo style. She encouraged me to give her cooking of this dish a try and she even added that it is one of the highest sources of collagen. My friend knows that I believe that I treat the food I eat as my medicine. If at all possible, I would rather do away with synthetic medications. Collagen, as we know, is a protein found in our tissues providing structural support. As I was reminded of this information and encouraged by this nutrient benefit, I placed a small serving on my plate. While deboning the chicken feet, I would continue on telling my friend, I’ve never been a fan of the dish. But out of curiosity about her cooking of this dish and what looks to be appetizing with its soy-based sauce, I thought, I’ll try it.


I ate a little of the cartilaginous meat and was instantly taken by its perfect adobo taste- some sweetness, a little sourness with a bit of spiciness. The pleasure of masticating this rubbery yet soft texture of the chicken feet and cooked adobo style was something new to me. And all because I was curious. I liked the dish so much that I find myself requesting her to cook it over and over again.


I recognize now that a simple curiosity can really make you discover something about yourself. It may lead one to a path not familiar, it could be good or bad. But one will never know where the path can lead unless one takes the step. This discovery of liking chicken feet led me to write this post. Who knows where else this could lead? One can never put any limit on where curiosity takes us.


As Walt Disney said, “ We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down to new paths.”