100-Day Challenge Anyone?

Baked pompano fish cooked by my sister
In recent years, I’ve found that I have really been surrounded by kindness: My sister gave me a carry-on luggage years ago which I thought I didn’t need but actually did; my other sister feeds me and the family freshly cooked and nutritious food; my mom remembered to get me the nipper I requested years ago since back then I couldn’t find one in the States and I thought she went above and beyond by purchasing for me a high-quality Solingen brand; my brother contacted my friend in the States for her to buy me an Apple watch to give me for Christmas or just give me ‘techie’ stuff so I can maximize the use of my phone or laptop; my Dad giving me a better exchange rate when I exchange foreign currency to peso; my friend cooks the food that I like; my little nephew giving me bear hugs when he sees me, my other friend picks me up at the train station when we hang out in NY or walks with me to the train station.


There are just too many chances that my family and friends continue to surprise me with their acts of kindness which I am grateful for.  

It was not innate in me to be kind, not like my sisters or brother or my Mom or my Dad or my friends. So, when an opportunity to do a 100-day challenge came in a public speaking club I go to. I thought of choosing this challenge- to do acts of kindness to my family, to my friends, to strangers, or to myself, for 100 days. Somewhat similar to the pay it forward movement (the movie with Haley Joel Osment and Helen Hunt in 2000). Acts of kindness in this case could be in the form of a thought, a gift, or a gesture whether it be small or big.


I won’t be able to quantify the effect of this 100-day challenge but Greek fabulist Aesop said, "No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted." Anyhow, I think it will help me secrete some happy hormones at least to help me assuage work and life stresses.


One grand gesture I hope to do someday is to be able to finance our family trips abroad.  But for now, my family had to bear only little and inexpensive acts of kindness from me 

What challenges would you be willing to do for yourself or others for 100 days?