The Driver of our Lives

The past two years has already been tough for our family, with one ordeal after the other needing me to fly back home several times in a dismal state. 


I am at a certain age, where I worry about my aging parents, recently aging parent since my Mom passed away last year. Thankfully, my siblings who live with him, look after my Dad. But despite that, being 13,000 miles away from my family always comes with it some fear of the safety of my parents, and my siblings. In the past two years, we have had our share of the worst unfathomable nightmares a family can go through one after the other, that I truly had to put out a request for a ‘time out’ from the Lord (as if we can do that). But God has his mysterious ways, which may not be incomprehensible to a human mind.


Just yesterday, my brother sent my siblings and me an excerpt video from our CCTV monitor in our garden/garage. The video showed one of my worst fear that could happen to my Dad. We saw that as he was directing his garden assistants on what to do, his dragon fruit plants accidentally crashed into him.  Without giving him enough time to react, he fell back as if a tree fell down after it has been wedged. These dragon fruit cactus plants are planted in about 3 -4 feet planters and placed about 2 feet above the ground on cement. It seemed to have been trimmed more on one side than the other it actually tipped over as he was walking alongside it. Luckily, he didn’t hit his head. He was able to stand with some assistance from his garden assistants and was able to walk on his own. Apart from some cuts from the spines of the cactus and some bruises, thankfully, he did not have any serious injuries.


These are incidents we cannot control. But as one who lives away from her family, I can only pray that the Lord and Holy Spirit protect my family from anything. And if incidents like these happen, I can only pray for strength and patience, and wisdom for my family so we can overcome it together as a family. And that despite all these unexpected incidents, one can only hope and pray and trust that there is a reason behind it, which we may not be able to understand. At the end of the day, God really is the driver of our lives. It really is not in our hands but we continue to do our best, to always ask for guidance, and make use of our time here recognizing that there is eternal life with Him after we are through with our earthly life.