Inspired by Milton Hershey

Last week, I gave my friend a tour of one of the most inspiring places I have visited on the East Coast. We visited Hershey town in Pennsylvania. The visit to Chocolatetown has reminded me again how one man's passion can lead to something great and impactful similar to what Milton Hershey did in the early 1900's.

Milton Hershey is the person who started Hershey Chocolate Co., the producer of the famous and beloved chocolates that we now know as Hershey's. Milton had his first taste of success on his 3rd try at starting his business. The rest, as they say, is history.

Joining The Trolley tour in Chocolatetown gave me an instant review of how persistent, driven and kind Milton was. From his passion for making chocolates to building schools for the orphans, providing jobs in town, and eventually building a town that provided just the right balance of work and life. For Milton's contribution to this town, it comes as no surprise why this town was actually named Hershey.

His philosophy was summed up in this quote "One is only happy in proportion as he makes others happy."

I cannot deny that this visit contributed to reconfirming my belief to continue following and doing what I am passionate about, be of service to others, and dream big. 

I do hope that you all can get a chance to visit this wonderful town to appreciate Milton Hershey's legacy and yes grab some Hershey's kisses for your sweet tooth :)