The Sun still Shines After All

 Exploring new places, and discovering amazing crafts and things made by man are only a few of the things I do in order to help secrete some good hormones in me.

In the hopes of rejuvenating from the tragedies I've been exploring the nearby local town, meeting people, and finding new and amazing treasures made by man. I wanted to share some photos here:

As I was walking along the Main Historic Clinton Bridge in New Jersey, I couldn't help but savor this majestic beauty in front of me.

The two photos below are just a few of the awe-inspiring greeting cards that I bought in a specialty store in Clinton, New Jersey called "Chameleon Blue", which sells fair trade merchandise made by the locals in a developing country. I feel like this is close to the feeling I exuded every time I see a Van Gogh or a Vermeer painting. It's truly amazing how people can be so patiently artistic and produce this beautiful work of art.

The two photos below are rock paintings I was awestruck while walking in my neighborhood. Truly amazed how art and color can bring so much beauty to an otherwise monotonous ground.

As I continue to explore new things and find new treasures to feast my senses on, I am re-assured to trust in God and everything will fall into place. No matter what your circumstances have been, no matter what you have been through, we take it a day at a time knowing that Someone looks after us.