Lessons from Quincy Jones

Twelve Notes on Life and Creativity- its title alone caught my attention.

Sometimes I don't plan on the books that I buy. When I enter the bookstore, I allow myself to just be taken away by all the wonderful stories or ideas I can be enraptured with as I peruse the books shelves.

This book by Quincy Jones did just that. I never knew that he has been a part of some of the songs that I listen to. He is instrumental in the creation of classic and popular songs like "Fly Me to the Moon", "Thriller", and "We are the World". He collaborates with different artists which generated the music as we know it now.

The book itself is too good to put down. There are just too many points to highlight in all chapters. Some validated my opinions and some I needed to be reminded of. The following are just some of my favorite thought-provoking points in his book:

 "..., so, it's ultimately up to you to figure out if you will settle into living the life that you are expected to live or the life that you are meant to live or the life that you are meant to live."

"And if you find yourself on the side of those who have been criticized, as I often have, remember that you don't need to fight back with bitterness. Focus on your goals and what you know you are capable of, and that's all the revenge you need to take. "

"...Never put yourself in a box, listen to your gut instincts and lean into the whispers, always go for the goosebumps, and strip everything down until you've got a great song or story."

"Traveling helped me see things differently. More than anything, it also helped me to be seen differently."

"Don't do things as a way to get something in return."

"...it's possible to find success while sticking to your morals."

"It is time to say that... the values you carry within yourself-of work, love, and love and integrity-carry the greatest worth, because these are what get you through with your dreams intact, your heart held firm, and your spirit ready for another day. Then, you can look back and say, I lived it 360 degrees, like my predecessors who cared and led me here, teaching me to approach creativity with humility and respond to success with grace."

There are just too many points that hit the mark. I highly recommend that you read it!

His life attests to the morals that he upheld. Thank you Quincy Jones!!!