Espresso Machine

 What's the big deal about coffee and espresso machines?

 Flat white ( served at Single Origin Osterria in the 
Philippines. I still  need to improve my presentation
skills of flat white 😀 )
That was the question I asked my sisters who both are such addicts of 'doppio' a.k.a. double espresso, which is composed of 2 shots of espresso. Espresso, as described on, is a thick, concentrated form of coffee with a bold flavor. It originated in the early 1900's in Italy. It became popular because it only took a short time to brew, approximately 30 seconds, compared to a regularly brewed coffee.

I still have not acquired the bitter taste of the pure espresso shot however, I have come to like the flat white. What is a flat white? A flat white uses 2 shots of espresso and 6 ounces of steamed milk. After my sister introduced me to it, I was hooked on its taste.

Recently bought DeLonghi
Espresso machine
Of course, you need an espresso machine to actually produce espresso. Seemingly, I have none in the States. I sought to recreate that habit of having flat white in the morning while feeling nostalgic, imagining I am hanging out with my siblings. So, I got myself an espresso machine, the cheaper kind but it works for me.

So what is buying an espresso machine mean for me? It is an expression of self-love and an investment in one of the most important persons in my life- me 😀. For I believe that anybody who goes through family challenges, we all need to recuperate and we start by taking care of ourselves first. Whether you would need an espresso machine for that, it is up to you.

Enjoy your espresso everyone!