Resilience in the midst of a pandemic

Since the pandemic started a few months ago, people responded differently from others. Essential employees such as healthcare workers, grocery workers, employees from sanitation, police officers, postal workers and couriers, etc.,  continue to risk their safety everyday. Many companies had employees working from home. Few were given only a  few hours to work. While many people have lost their jobs.

Depending on several factors, such as background, financial independence, emotional stability-all people will have different perspective on this pandemic.

As you all know, in some countries, an enhanced community quarantine has been active for the past few weeks. In the U.S. , stay at home orders were mandated in several states.

For me, this pandemic has given me several opportunities for personal, financial and professional growth:

I believe I have a well- balanced life which I have maintained for several years. However this pandemic has given me more opportunities to be more reflective on several things. For one, it has given me an opportunity to explore again on how I  want to achieve financial independence.

I really do enjoy my work however being in the service industry, my work hours have now been limited to working several days in a week which  may only be sufficient to pay a few ongoing bills, however, not enough to continue to pay for several investments.

This crisis is encouraging me to think out of the box again, to find ways and actually pursue it in the future to do what I like and enjoy doing and at the same time be paid for it. I revisited my list again on what I intended to do and actually pursue my action plans.

This pandemic has also given me opportunities to be more reflective on my spiritual growth.

I grew up in a Catholic household where our family would always attend Sunday Mass and pray the rosary daily at night. When I moved to the States, I still continue attending Sunday Mass. However, sometimes I find myself occasionally forgetting to actually nurture my relationship with the Lord. There are of course the times that I have some challenges and admittedly was more fervent in my prayers then. When things go smoothly, I tend to forget praying. Recently, I got into a discussion with a good friend of mine of the promises of the holy rosary which I was not really aware of, but got me intrigued. Currently, I am revitalizing my spiritual growth through prayers and gratitude.

I love to read. I can spend the whole day in Barnes and Noble and skim through books of interest to me. And this pandemic again, has given me the opportunity to read the books that are just waiting for me to be read or reread and learn from them. I can never get enough of learning from so many successful people. These past few weeks, I've read books written by women in power such as Sheryl Sandberg in her book "Lean In", Madeleine Albright in " Madam Secretary" and reread self- help books by Jack Canfield "The Success Principles" and John Maxwell "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth". Learning from all these leaders always keeps myself in check on how I should conduct myself, keeping in track with my intentional growth, dealing with others the right way, at the same time, being more hopeful and inspired on what the future can bring.

It has been said that, "The person who you will be in 5 years is based on what you do today."

So stay home. Stay safe. Be resilient. Your future self will thank you.