Peace in the midst of a pandemic

"I want you to watch Fr. Donald Calloway on how he was miraculously converted to be a Catholic," my good friend called me up one night. She further on continued " We should all be praying the rosary."

I had the chance to listen and watch the Catholic priest Fr. Calloway talk about his conversion. In the brink of his involvement in drugs and admission in drug rehabilitation center, he stumbled upon his mother's book of the "The Queen of Peace Visits Medjugorje". This started his curiosity with the Mama Mary and eventually learned about the Catholic Religion. The rest, as they say, is history.

The first video tells the story of how Fr. Calloway was converted to Catholic through the discovery of Mama Mary.

I have been praying the rosary once in awhile but not until recently did I go back to praying it daily. My friend further called my attention on the 15 Promises of the Holy Rosary.

I am still reflecting on these 15 promises of the Rosary. I admit I am encouraged to pray the rosary knowing and trying to understand these promises.

These uncertain times with the COVID 19 crisis, we are definitely fighting a spiritual war.  Dealing with all the changes such as lack of employment, lack of social interaction and gatherings, marital and family conflicts and most recently suicidal ideation with the frontliners who actually see these intubated patients, all these may pull us on a dark path of personal and emotional struggle.

I believe we all need to cling to something or someone greater than us. This battle will not be won without seeking help from whatever or whoever we believe in.

I choose to go back to calling on God and seek any help in any form. For I believe, if it is His will to stop this, He will.

Remembering the 15 promises of the rosary, I've chosen to seek help through Mama Mary through the power of the rosary.

Please join me in praying the rosary to end the COVID 19 crisis.

"There's no problem in the world that cannot be solved by the rosary."