When was the last time you tried something new?

I am at this stage in my life that I can afford some luxuries without feeling any guilt. So when I do get a chance to try something new or go to a new place, I take it- whether it be a new experience or one that will just merely satisfy my palate.

I never know where it will take me when I try something new. It is definitely not because I want to randomly make myself busy nor spend for something without purpose. But I do it if thinking about it or looking at it actually tickles my fancy.

Here are some things which I just started or I did because I wanted to.

The Wet Road 
1. Oil painting- I did oil painting in the past but had never really thought about it for so long until I saw one Iris Scott in Youtube talking about finger painting. It appealed to me because I really tend to be lazy in cleaning up brushes. Upon further research, I found that Iris Scott had a collection of absolutely stunning paintings all done by fingers and no brush. I was in awe of her creations. I bought her Finger Painting Weekend Workshop book, gathered the materials she recommended and just started painting. Since then, I have followed each step in the book and have painted 4 out of 5 paintings illustrated in the book. The Wet Road is my recent painting following instructions from her book. I am in awe after seeing paintings like this which merely started as a blank white canvas.

2. Learning the French language. I was listening on line to Johnlu Koa, Filipino -Chinese CEO  of a reputable bakery in the Philippines, French Baker, in one of his speeches in an entrepreneurial summit in the Philippines. I was immediately floored with the accent, the calmness, the grace of when he spoke French softly, fluently and just so eloquently I thought.  I vowed someday, I will learn it.

And I am. I am currently on my 4th week of French lessons.

3. Keki- Flavored cream  in cream puff varying from ube, pistacchio and cookies and cream located in my favorite hang out place in New York- Korea town. Enjoying a cream filled puff just make life more sweet and beautiful.

Anne Frank's Hiding Place
4. Visited Amsterdam and London. Coming back from visiting the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam a few weeks ago inspired me to do finger painting once again. Thus, my work above (The Wet Road).  The Amsterdam tour also gave me a chance to visit Anne Frank's Hiding place and reflect on the opportunities she couldn't have. Sometimes, we need to be reminded of how lucky we are to be born at this time where we have more comfort, technology, basic necessities and even freedom to do what we intend to. As Emma Thompson said "Anne's would haves are our opportunities."
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Who knows where this will all take me? All I know is I am enjoying the world as my oyster one bite at a time.

Hope you are too.