The Magic of Facebook messenger

Twenty plus years have come and gone since high school. I have lost touch with high school classmates and friends.  I do however have kept some as "friends in facebook".

Our meet up place by the fountain in Bryant Park, NY
Because it can tend to be a time waster, I rarely log in to facebook. One weekend, it just so happened that I was checking messages in facebook messenger,  one of my high school seat mate sent me an icon of a "wave" in facebook messenger. I politely sent her a general " Kumusta (translated from tagalog language which means-How are you)? I did found out that she was in New York and thought it would be good to meet up and  catch up with what she has been up to all these years.

We did decide to meet up in Bryant Park, New York in 2 weeks which was postponed for another week due to a change of her schedule. And so finally, we had a chance to meet yesterday.

What was my original plan to possibly spend time for approximately 4 hours with her turned out to be 8 1/2 hours of meaningful conversations of how God can intervene in our lives and how everything happens for a reason. We had non-stop conversations from when we met up in Bryant Park, picking up the yummy cream puff dessert from Keki in 32nd avenue, to having tea in Cafe Bene  then having late night dinner in Bbq Olive Chicken in Korea town in NY.

Like any pinoy immigrants, we all have our stories of struggles in the beginning when we came in the  U.S. The recall of my first few months here and her past gave both of us a chance to look at the threads on how everything in the past has worked out. And that God's guiding hand is visible in our lives.

Who knew why after so many years, this was the time that we were drawn for some reason to meet up. A high school seat mate who really just teased me back then in a good way. I never really got offended with her teasing, I just found it amusing and entertaining then. And here we are as if we have been friends for so long, engaged in this rollercoaster ride of of our lives.

We covered a lot from personal, family relationships, to work , to our beliefs and goals. Both of us were on the same page of intentionality with our relationships with friends and family. With her wisdom and heartfelt realizations of her life and the decisions she had to make was truly another way of God reminding me that He is with us through all these years.

I think God may have blessed me with another friend in her. And it all started with a "wave" sent via facebook messenger.

Have a blessed day!