Why you Should Discover New Places on Long Weekends

Most of use came here for the wonderful opportunities that the  States has to offer and the rewards and compensation for our hard work. But that is not to say that we should just immerse ourselves with our work.

I do believe that we should make time for short vacations. Those weekend getaways comes with it its own rewards:

Zion National Park
*You learn more about yourself. In hiking one of the trails in the Bryce National Park, despite running long distance runs, I learned that I still need to improve my physical endurance especially with elevations. Despite the occasional breaks in between for breaths, I still forged on and finished the trail.  I had to anyway otherwise, I'd be left behind. I learned that I can push and be patient with myself. That experience also encouraged me to revisit a more consistent walking regimen.

Bryce National Park, Utah
*You will even feel more grateful for the wonderful creations of God. I was in awe of the wonderful natural rock formations and hoodoos in Zion and Bryce National Park. One would feel so humbled that these vast breathtaking formations even exist in this world at all.

The Beehive, Symbol of Industry, State Capitol, Utah

*You learn from other cultures and respect them. We spent a day in Salt Lake City, Utah and found it sooOoo clean. I could not find any litter anywhere at all. Whoa! Does such a place and discipline actually exist or be possible at all? I guess it does --in Utah.
            I found the kindness of these wonderful people so refreshing. The politeness and sensitivity of some passersby are so admirable. When one young lady thought that when my friends and I were having a hard time positioning our camera so we can get the best photo, she offered to take several photos of us and she really took the time to get the best photos.
           It was interesting to know too that the motto of the citizens of Utah is Industry and is symbolized by the beehive. It was quite an ideal U.S. state.
Clean streets of Utah

Sign on the road before you cross

* You get the opportunity to try products from local companies and appreciate it. I got a kick out of trying a cookie from the the Crumble Cookies bakery and the taste was oh sooOo good. It was the best freshly baked chocolate chip cookie I have ever had. Crumble Cookies only started on 2017 and it has grown to be quite a company today opening up multiple stores in Utah, Las Vegas, Idaho.

Ensign Peak, Utah

 If nothing else, just the mere pleasure of discovering new places and experiencing it can be mentally stimulating. You'll never know where all this input from seeing a new place can take you.

Enjoy your weekend!