Mabuhay (Long live)! : The Perks of Flying Business Class in Philippine Airlines

Who wouldn't want to receive a gift of flying business class in Philippine Airlines. I am no different. This was my second time flying home in a more expensive and accommodating seat in the plane. I am truly moved by my sister's thoughtful gesture of flying me in the comfort and luxury of receiving business class services.

Since I rarely get this opportunity, I usually take advantage of using up whatever  services, lounges they offer.

Access to a Lounge. The comfort of waiting in a lounge while enjoying the delicious and palatable food that they offer is something I would not pass. It was timely that my flight was about 3 hours delayed. I did not mind the delay at all since I had some work that needed to be done in the computer anyway.

Priority boarding. As I was walking past those in the long line of 'economy passengers' to get into the plane, I felt relieved that I did not have to be subjected to the long wait in line to get seated in the plane.

Space for carry ons. If you have been in a smaller plane where you are the last group to be called to get in the plane only to find out that there is no more space for your carry on, you'll share my sentiments. In local U.S. flights, that happens a lot. I walk up to my seat lugging my carry on. When the stewardess learns that there are no more space for carry ons, she makes you wait at the back of the plane so all incoming passengers can get seated. Then she asks you to roll your carry on again all the way to the front of the plane, so you can leave it at the entrance of the plane so the airport techs can check them in the plane luggage compartment. Then you walk back to your seat. I still consider that as a hassle since all I really want to do when I get inside the plane is to get seated and be comfortable and be lost in my thoughts. Flying business class makes life easier even just to have that space for my carry ons.

Service with a Smile. I always feel so much gratitude when a flight steward always checks on me. They are expected to anyway with this kind of service. The bottomless supply of water or snacks and checking if I'm ready for my breakfast. This is just one instance that I enjoy the pampering. And when you've already done some travelling and have seen how flight stewards/stewardess work, a smile from the Filipino crew of Philippine Airlines makes such a difference from the rest. Just merely a smile from the crew when they serve makes me feel at home.

A welcome beverage or alcoholic drink. I usually don't drink alcohol but I could not resist taking this offer of both. I accepted the orange juice and champagne before we took off. Not a good combination I don't think but my stomach tolerated it well. I just needed to refresh how champagne tasted like.


Food presentation and taste. Who wouldn't enjoy that is presented so enticingly well plus tasting so good. Sure, airplane food has added salt that it should have but everything they serve me, I enjoy it and I happily savor every bite!

Priority Luggage Retrieval. You are the first to get off the plane and skipping a long line again from the rest of the passengers. And as soon as you pass immigration, you'll be one of the first to retrieve your luggage. Time saved from waiting for the luggage is added to your time spent with your family.

Thank you to the Philippine Airlines crew for making my wonderful journey back home enjoyable! Thank you sis for this wonderful opportunity of pampering myself!