Never Stop Exploring What You Can Do

I've recently took up oil painting again. I did have the opportunity to create a few oil paintings when I was younger when I got so interested with the color of the clouds and the light as it reflects in the water. Those paintings ended up in the family garage.

I stumbled upon Iris Scott's Youtube video when I was searching for something else in Youtube. I was floored!!!! Her oil paintings are just heavenly. Her ability to combine various colors to come up with a painting that captured human and  various animal's natural activities. Plus, I like her style of oil painting without the use of brush, but just the mere use of her fingers with gloves on. My kind of painting. I know I too, am too lazy to clean any brush. So I brought the necessary materials as well as Iris Scott's book hoping to create a painting as soon as I can make time.

Here is my first finger oil painting as I (tried to) followed the step by step instructions by Iris Scott in her book.

And I will have more paintings as I try to improve on my strokes and skill. 

Now, I can add this to my so-called art gallery in my living room in addition to my personal photos decorating all my walls. 

As I sit on my sofa, drinking my hot chocolate, and staring at my painting, I find myself smiling and feeling grateful. I am awe in what we can all do if we take action and just see what we can do and create.

Have a Blessed Holiday!

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see"- Edgar Degas