Why You Need to Go On Vacation

Vacation Village, Weston, Florida
We all need a vacation. Experts say taking a few days or even a week from work helps you sustain your peak performance for long term.

A study by Ernst and Young found in an internal study that for each additional 10 hours of vacation time employees took, their year end performance ratings improved by 8 percent(Inc., 20161). In addition, frequent vacationers are less likely to leave the firm(Inc., 20161).

Hollywood Beach, Florida
Studies also showed that men who were at risk for cardiovascular disease increase their risk by 30% when they skip a vacation for 5 consecutive years while women who took a vacation once every 6 years or less were 8 times more likely to develop a heart disease or a heart attack (Inc., 20161).

Researchers at the Florida State University found that elite performers in music and in sports, practice in an interval of 90 minutes, taking breaks between sessions and never working for more than 4 hours (Huffpost, 20152).

Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida
Vacations break my bad habit of a lack of sleep. Studies showed that people who frequently  go on vacations improve their sleep by 20%, averaging an hour more of sleep,which carries over when they go back home (Takebackyourtime.org, 20153).

I've recently spent a few days in Florida- enjoying the sights, the beaches in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Hollywood in Florida as well as knowing a bit of its history. And I have no compunction in taking this time off away from the work I love to do.
Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics (11/22/17)

I place it in my priority list to always go to a place I've never been. This time it was in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With the new sights, it may plant a seed in my mind and I never know where it will take me.  I get inspired for new ideas. Immersing myself in a different culture usually helps me widen my perspective Because of this vacation, I appreciated the tasty Cuban Coffee, their culture, their pristine beaches and Miami's diversity. It also did reinforce the importance of who I spend my vacations with.

After this vacation, I feel re-energized, ready to take on work and life for another 8 weeks till my next weekend getaway.  See you in ... New Orleans!!!


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