Why We Need to be Truly Rich

For the past month, I have been encouraging my friends and family to invest in the Philippine stocks. Blame it on my dad and Bo Sanchez to enlighten me about being truly rich. My dad would oftentimes say that we have to be rich so we can help more people. Catholic lay preacher Bo Sanchez's philosophy is no different. I have been a regular listener of Bo's talks. I finally subscribed to his Truly Rich Club last year- one I have postponed for many years to join. Glad that I finally did!

Being a member of the Truly Rich Club entitles you to receive all the wealth of information spiritually, financially and personally. Regular feeding of the mind of all these positive inputs and practical tips on becoming a better person as a whole while aiming to be rich is what I have always wanted to learn. Bo makes it easy for anyone to love learning and share it with everyone with his animated gestures and humorous anecdotes guided by Biblical stories.

For the past month, I have been so hyped up about stock investing through www.colfinancial.com- the online Philippine stock broker firm which Bo Sanchez advocates. I have encouraged my friends and family to do same thing. Stock investing is one of the vehicles for long term investments. I have received a few skepticism however, there are also a  few who are currently working on their application. Oh well, sometimes, you can only plant a seed in people's minds hoping that one day they nourish and feed it until it sprouts and grows.

I intend to help people around me rich as well including my family. Being truly rich is multi-faceted. It takes work. It needs to be intentional.

Let's live life to the fullest! Aim to be truly rich!