The Awakening Story of Schindler's List

I had the opportunity to watch the critically -acclaimed movie directed by Steven Spielberg "Schindler's List" during the Lenten season. If you haven't seen it, I truly recommend it at least watching it once in your lifetime.

I am appreciative of my life and grateful for the sacrifices my parents had to live through to provide us with the life that we have now. Watching that movie has made me even more feel how trivial some of the things that we worry about at present. And that we should even be more grateful for what we have now.

I could not begin to imagine what a horrifying experience that was for the people back then. Their power to choose were taken away from them. I know that there are still some parts of the world that struggle through the same feat. The inhuman treatment of these people invokes the anger and disgust in me. To even know that such cruelty exists is beyond me.

Forget about the disheartening boss that you have to deal with or the overwhelming work that has to be completed by tomorrow. Forget about the missed bill payments nor the incorrigible husband. Forget about the endless times that you have to change your babies' diaper nor the disrespectful salesperson. Forget about the opportunistic immigrant agencies that we had to run away from. The problems that we face in the current times are nowhere near the plight of those people in the past.

I work with some patients who have anxiety and depression issues. Truthfully, I sometimes wish I could just blatantly tell them to watch this movie. But then again, I cannot judge who they are and what they have to deal with. As my friend said, what is a big deal for one may not be a big deal for me and vice versa.

People do have different outlooks in life. Different perspectives stretch us towards different paths. As the saying goes, "Life is what we make it." I'm grateful to be born in this era. And I intend to live a full life! Everyone should!