"If you are an OFW-Don't go home broke"

Most recently, I have been more conscious of educating myself financially. I realize that as an overseas Filipino worker, I do not want to belong
to the bigger percentage of OFWs who come home only to find that they don't have enough to live and to give or what's worse, they'll find themselves needing to work again because they don't have anything saved after so many years of toil in a foreign land away from the family.

I have postponed my financial goals for many years. No more. Time is of the essence.

I sought the assistance of a mentor. I signed up for the Truly Rich Club by Bo Sanchez a few months ago to help me be more guided in gaining financial prosperity through development of the mind, putting action plans slowly and creating more sources of passive income.

"If you are an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker),
 don't go home broke."       
                      -Bo Sanchez, Filipino lay preacher

I want to be able to reach that point where I can freely give to those who need without any worries if I have sufficient funds like all the truly rich people.

The journey to financial prosperity has begun!