Why I Travel

Throughout the years and for the past several weekends in the spring and summer, I have been fortunate enough to have traveled in different places out of state.

Strolling in Old Montreal, Canada
I confess, everytime I travel I make it a point that I may splurge here and there. I feel like it becomes a reflection of how I love myself. I take advantage of a 3 star hotel or more just because I want to reward and pamper myself. It becomes a reflection of my self-love. I take advantage of a clean bed and room. I enjoy an inclusion of free hot breakfast with a pancake machine. I take a 30 minute warm shower and may sing a song of Adele. I may hang out in one of the cafes and buy myself a cheese danish and savor a drink of tall white choco mocca while reading John Maxwell's "15 Invaluable Laws of Growth."Or I may just stroll around the new place and savor a bit of the culture.

I do think this is one of the best ways to live life. The act of self-love. It is scheduling time for yourself and taking a break from giving service to others. This way you always greet the day with a renewed sense of well-being, creating a ripple effect with the people around you.