Don't Quit Yet

My colleague shared her difficulty with an assistant she worked with. Their situation escalated and came to a point that she was thinking of actually leaving her job in that company so as to avoid any encounter with her assistant. 

Consequently, choosing the latter option would give her more problems in looking for another job that she likes in a very short notice, having to possibly move out of her house and putting on hold all her financial support to her family in the Philippines. 

She was going to allow someone whom she despises to take control of her life. However, after talking with her and taking everything into consideration, I convinced her to find alternative solutions to her dilemma. She did. She eventually needed not to work with her assistant without having to leave the job and stayed on with the company that she really liked working and whom she have worked in for many years.

I do believe that life throws us these kinds of challenges and dilemmas. Hasty decisions should not get the better of us. Taking a step back and seeing a different perspective may be a better solution.

It may be difficult to comprehend the trials and challenges in our lives. At the end of the day, ultimately, there is a lesson to be learned in every problem. A problem is an opportunity to learn from whether at the present time and possibly for the future.