There's A Reason For Everything

Ever get tired of hearing this old adage? These past few weeks have called me to get into this mode again-that there has always been Someone intervening and redirecting my life despite my bouts of narrow-mindedness.

Someone said "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him about your plans." We set our goals. We create a plan to achieve them. Yet ultimately there will always be situations beyond our control. That is where and when we have to make room to be flexible. Making room for spontaneous events to happen whether we may think it is favorable  to us or unpleasant will always be humbling personally. Stay on your path and trust in God. Choose right from wrong. A friend of mine reminded me "You can never go wrong with God. " Indeed.

Its almost the end of June. We are halfway through the year. As we look back on our lives, let us see the good and the purpose of how we came to where we are. Let us be insightful of the people who have come and gone and those who have stayed. For in doing this, it will help us move forward and enjoy our life even more.