The Question You Must Ask

 What is there to life?

A friend of mine asked me this
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question one day.

Why do we have to keep on dreaming? Why do we have to keep on learning? Why do we keep on improving ourselves? Why should we nurture relationships? Why do we have bucket lists?

Jim Rohn, one of the more popular motivational speakers in his time who served as a mentor to our present day inspirational speakers such as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Darren Hardy, answered "Why not?" If we're going to live in this life, why not see what we are capable of doing? Why shouldn't we endeavor to give our best shot and not cease to improve? We are here anyway, we are given that power to see beyond ourselves and venture doing something significant, something out of our comfort zone.

For the past few years, I have been on the path to always constantly improve myself not so much for other's pleasure but for mine. I needed to be the person whom I want to be. I needed to be that person whom I respect, love and be proud of.

I continue to have big dreams and goals in life that have yet to be fulfilled. Why do I do it?

Why not?