Your Power

After finally completing my Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy, I am finally moving on to doing more things that I have been postponing for the past 2 and a half years during the course of my studies. I sought to review and revisit my short and long term goals. I have listed and modified several goals however stopped myself from writing too many goals. The thought of having too many goals with too little rest by trying to accomplish these may take me away from the mere enjoyment and pleasure in the journey of performing and growing from tasks needed to achieve those goals.

I sometimes get that overwhelming feeling to try to accomplish so many things in a short time and yet fail to master any of them. I get a burst of the exuding power to try anything new as if being reborn everyday and tasting life for the very first time.  A famous saying goes "Live each day as it was your last. Tomorrow is not promised." This sense of urgency oftentimes impel me to take action immediately. There are times that we may look way ahead to the future that we don't enjoy the present, that we forget to enjoy today. Inspirational writer Paulo Coelho voiced however to "Live each day as it were your first."

Whichever way we perceive our life and our time, the choices we make on how and what we do with our time today shapes our tomorrow. It is our choice to make an adventure of this gift or sit back and just watch our life as it passes. Exercise your power to choose. Choose to live the life that you want to live. Choose to spend it with people that matter to you.