Tick Tock

Passion Planner for Goal Setting this Year
Can you believe that we are halfway through the first month of the year? After coming back from a couple of weeks of vacation in the Philippines, it took me a week to finally get my sleep time back to normal. But this week, I still am feeling nostalgic so I honestly have yet to gain my momentum with all my activities here in the States. I have however have finally initiated some for this week.

Aside from my annual goal setting, decluttering my apartment will be on the agenda for this month. Scouring through my stuff which I have accumulated will take a bit more effort and motivation to slowly get rid of the things that need to be thrown away or things which I need to keep. The latter I mean my books. Starting from  a 2 medium sized luggage 7 years ago and to actually see the things that I have accumulated in my apartment is staggering. I do not have a lot but I still need to get rid of so many things.

This year, decluttering goes beyond my apartment. It is this time again to do a self-reflection on where we are and where we need to go. We need to declutter our mind and get rid of things that are not important to us, spend time with those who are important to us and do those activities that are important to us. It is time to focus on our goals and our growth.

Have a great year everyone!