525,600 Minutes

Self-reflection time as I savor breakfast (coffee and ensaymada)
early in the year
I intend to start this year by being thankful for the past year. The year 2014 was eventful and memorable. Letting go of past relationships, forming new bonds, maintaining unceasing thoughts and actions of self-improvement as well as being healthy and fitness conscious consumed my past year. Coming home twice the past year was a blessing. Spending time with my family makes me all the more be in gratitude for everything that I have, for what  I have lost and gained.  The opportunity to spend time with my family reminds me of the more important priorities in life -family and relationships. The realizations that come from just talking to my dad, mom and siblings inspires me to always enjoy life. The thoughtfulness of each of my family member melts my heart which propels me   to pay those kind acts forward. 

Everytime I have these self-reflections, I am always in awe how the Lord blessed me with all these. Looking forward for this year, I still intend it to be as fruitful and meaningful as ever. My time has to matter. Life is too short. I intend to enjoy every moment and live in the now. Hakuna Matata (no worries) !

I share with you my rules for this year which I intend to follow-the 3 L's.
1. Live with intention.
2. Live in the now.
3. Let go and let God. As they say, do your best and God will do the rest.

We have 525,600 minutes this year! Let's make each minute count!

Have a fruitful year everyone!