Lessons from Coming Home

This year I chose to spend Christmas with my family in the Philippines.

When I got home, I am  instantly reminded how an environment of abundance makes a person feel. It creates a feeling of gratitude, content and gives you a sense of being more ambitious. The ambition to better myself and to do more so that environments like these can be created. Our house is a picture of  how change has been a constant practice as evidenced by more new family pictures displayed in the house, more new gadgets and technology my family has adapted and new family food faves. We even have a dispenser for cereal where we can have "breakfast all day" as my sister said. I find it encouraging that my family does not neglect any appliance that needs to be repaired and finds ways to make our house be more organized and inviting. It definitely is a home.
Our cereal dispenser where "breakfast all day"
at home is available

I continued to be in awe when I attended Dad's Christmas Party yesterday. The fact that nobody leaves the party without taking home gifts from the company who otherwise have continued to shower them with gifts despite financial challenges. Ten, twenty , thirty year service awardees were recognized and given meaningful gifts.  It was even admirable that this company had pictures of employees at work and in play displayed inside and outside of their building. I do believe this was one of the things that are lacking in some companies abroad- the real sense of loyalty and service.

There is more to be learned as I spend time with my family for the next few weeks...