The Most Wonderful People in the World

No matter what achievements a person attains, there is always a person or number of persons to acknowledge and be in gratitude for. I have yet to reach the pinnacle of my career however at this point, I am truly happy to be where I am now. My prayers were answered at a perfect time.

My blog has been mostly about my thoughts and my experiences here in the States. However, I thought to do it differently this time.  I thought I should  give thanks to the most wonderful people in the world- my parents and my family. My birthday celebrations for the past month reminded me again of how thankful I should be to have them. My parents were always advocates of pursuing our dreams and doing whatever it takes to support our passion. The values and attitude in life that they show encourage me to become a better person despite dealing with a few difficulties in several instances whether it be a seemingly futile situation or an incorrigible person or persons.

It is truly a blessing to learn from my parents and family. Thank you!