The Power of Two

A friend of mine working in the finance department of her company said that every time she encounters a difficult situation or a problem where a solution seems to elude her, she prays and asks for God's help. She gains clarity eventually even with the most difficult problems she has to face. She believes that the success and the benefits that she is reaping now is not solely because of her efforts but by having God as her partner.

I do tend to forget that. Every time I hang out with her, with our exchange of stories and experiences, she never fails to remind me there is always a greater power behind us. That's why having her as a friend is such a gift. She knows her strengths however acknowledges that God works with her. 

I try to practice that myself, every time I am in the quandary at work or in school or in any situation, I ask for God's help. Sometimes, the answer may not present how you imagined it to be. God may use other people to make it easier for you to see another view. Similar to what happened to me last year, when I was full of uncertainty in working with my previous company. Somehow, I got my answer because of an unexpected call from a mentor whom I haven't been in contact with for many months. What perfect timing!

With our lives, sometimes we may be too engrossed with trying to reach for the top thinking that our efforts brought us to a place where we can enjoy our lives more. It's easy to be blinded by achievements and recognition. However, if you look closely in your past and the events that has lead you to where you are now, maybe you can find 'little' divine interventions which were actually disguised as 'coincidences'.

My life here alone is a testimonial of these 'coincidences' which led me to working in a hospital I loved working in, an understanding boss, a relaxing apartment and most of all, having friends which I can call my family in the U.S.

Look closely and see God's little acts. Enjoy life!