How to get 'unstuck' from the past

For some, it may be easy to forget about the unfavorable things that happened in the past. For others, it may seem that they get stuck in the past. At certain life events I myself tend to struggle from having to move forward. The new year should catalyze us to move on, learn from the past, set new goals, enjoy life, live our passion and live a more purposeful life. Easier said than done. So how do we get 'unstuck' from the past?

I do believe that it all begins in our mind. We have to bring in positive thoughts in our minds. Search for ideas that will change the way we perceive what happened in the past - to somehow see the positive in it or the lesson we need to learn. Although, explanations tend to elude from us no matter how much thought we put into it. Maybe sometimes we only need to trust that God has the best plan. Maybe somehow at a perfect time we may eventually see what God had intended for us. Saying affirmations will assist in initiating the energy that we need in order to compel us to change our thoughts so that a change of our behavior may follow. We are surrounded with stories of people who have undergone maybe far worse experiences and somehow saw it as an opportunity to bring about something good. Of course there will be times that the momentum of bringing in positive thoughts get interrupted with negativity, we have to be conscious of it so we can put a stop to it. We have the ability to control whatever comes in our mind. Let's fill it up with thoughts that will make us a better person so we can enjoy our lives.

As the Father of the Indian Independence Movement Mahatmi Gandhi said, "Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny." 

Life is a gift! Enjoy Life!