Expect to be surprised by God!

The past year has been a great testimonial that God continues to surprise us. In the beginning of every year, I make it a regular practice to review my annual goals and put out a plan on how I could possibly achieve it. But God proved His power once again and surprised me with so many blessings for the past year that I never planned on.

Who would have thought that I would be moving to a new apartment that I really liked, get a good offer from a great hospital, enjoyed a  6 week vacation in the Philippines and explored some islands there I’ve never been to, met new friends that have given me a different perspective on things at the same time doing all the things that I love to do or play i.e. badminton, volleyball, continuing my education, baking, etc.

A good friend reminded me that whatever success or benefits that we may be enjoying right now, it is not merely the results of our efforts but it was also because we have a great partnership in God. We are never alone in performing our daily tasks and work. God’s guiding voice and hand will lead us and provide us with whatever is necessary to be where we were supposed to be or be at. As Pastor Joel Osteen said “God has lined up the right people at the right time for you.” Sometimes we just need to allow ourselves to receive the blessings with an open heart and hand.

I am not saying not to plan but instead have a plan at the same time expect surprises and miracles. Surprises that may be opportunities for you to learn or another person to learn from you.  Sometimes, whatever you planned on may not turn out the way you expected but have faith that everything happens for a reason.

Have a prosperous year! Expect to be surprised by God!