Just one small change for a better new year

The new year always brings a promise that it would be a better year than the last. New year resolutions are written once again. Reviewing personal, professional and life goals are revisited.

How can one assure that this year would be a better year than the last. Would it be enough to just expect blessings? Of course being hyped to achieve your goals helps a lot and helps ignite motivation. But how can we sustain the motivation in order to fully achieve your goals?

I was reading a book by Charles Duhigg entitled “The Power of Habits”. It talks about just doing one small change in your life, doing that 21 times consecutively. Thus transforming their lives. It mentions of a 34 year old woman, divorced,  who is almost in financial ruins, in addition to being a chronic smoker.  She was able to transform her life by merely replacing smoking with jogging.  She eventually went on getting engaged, buying a house and running marathons. Amazing!

The gist is just to start doing one mere small change in your life and stick to it. Whether it be just starting to do 10 lunges instead of taking that extra helping of French fries to lose that extra 10 pounds or just reading an inspirational book instead of gossiping about other people.

It's doing that one small change in your daily life which may make a difference in your life and future choices. With just one change, expect that your personal, social and professional life may change.

Have a blessed year!