Year 2013: No More Excuses!

After several weeks of delay, I finally shipped out this huge package to the Philippines via air cargo. This box was about  3 1/2 feet long x 1 1/2 feet wide and was more than 1 1/2 feet in depth  weighing about 28 pounds. So you can imagine, how a medium-built size woman like me had to expand  my arms, dragging it outside my apartment, open the trunk of my SUV, drive to the courier, open the trunk again, pulling out the box  while I try to 'manage ' somehow slamming the trunk while holding the package for dear life for fear of accidentally letting it go on a dirty curb. Getting into the door was also a challenge, but thankfully in their receiving room, it was carpeted. I decided to just put the box on the floor, pull open the door and just drag the box inside. Whew! I found out I was more muscular than I thought that day!

(I chose not to bother any of my friends with this task because I knew I could manage :))

The next day, on our way to the badminton court, I related it to my friend who asked in bewilderment, "Nakaya mo yun? P'ano mo nakaya yun?(You did that by yourself?How the heck did you do that?)"

I shrugged and smiled," Well, I guess if you have a will, there's really a way."

Just like the story above, we all have our  share of struggles in our lives. However, I do believe that if you are really intent to make things happen, you will find a way in accomplishing that no matter what. Finding excuses would be futile because in the end this is our life we are living, no one else. We choose how we use our time. We choose which activities we give time to. We choose which relationships we nurture.

As author Robert Ringer (1990) in his book Million Dollar Habits states:

"The time to start becoming efficient is today. The time to make a sales call is today. The time to start working on a project is today. And the time to start picking up the pieces and begin over again is today. Develop the habit of living in the present. The best day really is today, so get started now, no matter what your problems are and no matter how long you've already procrastinated."

So friends, let's get into the habit of aborting all excuses from here on!