Art for a Better Philippines

Last night, I had the privilege of watching a concert in Carnegie Hall in NYC led by Mark Nadler for the benefit of Art-Start, a non-profit organization who are composed of volunteers who go to homeless shelters to teach at-risk kids express themselves through the arts and music. Several kids who benefit from the Art Start Program introduced themselves during the program and related how Art-Start changed their lives from one who have somehow weaved themselves into criminal activities to persons who have learned their lesson and sought their passion in the arts and music. Later on, I found out that their organization have already been featured in Oprah and other TV shows in the U.S.

I was intrigued by this organization. I thought that the Filipinos could adapt this idea to help the at-risk kids, those born or have somehow entangled themselves to a complicated situation involving drugs and crimes.  It is kind of like the Leigh Ann Touhy to Michael Oher in the movie "Blind Side" but uses music and the arts redirect the children's path to a better future. I am not sure if such a non-profit organization like Art-Start exists in the Philippines, I hope there is. But if there is none, then one day I will eventually want to start something like this in the Philippines if only to help the younger generation.  I certainly encourage anyone who has the inclination to do this get to work at once.