Why Should You Work Under An Agency?

One of the advantages of working under an agency is you get to work in different places. Thus, you get to meet managers and directors of different facilities. And you compare their different styles of leadership. 

I was privileged enough that I was first assigned in a facility where the director, I would later realize was and still is, the best director I have worked with. She observes and gets to know her staff so she knows how to deal with each of them. She stands by her staff no matter what. I can go on and on but this space would not be enough for all her positive attributes. But you get the gist. She is the kind I would emulate when I have my own business, to add to the others in my list- all the members of my family who have exuded servant leadership in their work, relationships and their lives.

I was also assigned in a facility where the director was the opposite of my 'ideal' director. I would earlier question why I was assigned there and why I would have to deal with such. But now I am glad I was sent there but thank God only for a short time. Only because I think God had to show me the  two sides of the coin. I had the advantage of seeing each type of leadership first-hand and how it affected their staff and the rest of the people around them. So that in the future, I would often be reminded of which leadership I should follow in order to make my future business a success.

Working under an agency definitely has its perks amongst other benefits!