I said "No" to work!

As I was ambling through the hallway on my way to the staff room to finish my notes after treating patients during the day, I happen to meet the Regional Supervisor handling the facility I was working with. After giving me a heads up on recent developments of the facility, I was asked if I can work the next day which was a Saturday in one of his facilities that he handles for a few hours. I firmly said "No, I don't work on the weekends" without hesitation. He asked for the reason despite not having any family here. With an unswerving, polite reply I added "I have a life, but thank you for the offer". With a smile, I went about on my merry way.

Even before I got here in the States, I promised myself that I will really live my life here and that includes spending time with my friends, myself and my other interests. This I usually do during the weekends.

I am fortunate to have been in this healthcare field where our profession is still in demand. I do not intend to appear haughty about refusing to work on the weekends. Of course, earning more is usually better. However, I just choose not to succumb to the daily grind of working. This is not to judge other people who do work on the weekends. I know they have various reasons of doing so like supporting a family back home or here in the U.S. which I so greatly admire. However, in my case, I am given this opportunity to live a life here as I choose and I intend to keep it that way for now.