Nothing can still take the place of a parent's advice

One of the advantages of being in America by yourself is the opportunity to further push yourself in a direction where you want to go. You make your own decisions. You take the consequences of your own decisions.

However, no matter where I am. When I am in doubt, I always ask for my parents' view. I think no matter how grown a person has become, its always not harmful to hear a wiser perspective of the parents.

With a goal I had in mind from the very start, sometimes we get dissuaded when we are surrounded and confronted by different dilemmas.

I recently was brought to a point where I had to decide to leave my job at a facility I have worked with for a couple of years to further take me another step to fulfilling my dreams or staying at a comfortable work environment where I found a family in the persons of the people I have worked with.

I heard the views of my friends. I listened especially to my dad's views. When my dad speaks, I know he is usually right. I always trust that his view is always for my best. Ultimately, it was my decision. It was a tough decision but I feel I needed to leave grow.

I know I will encounter difficulties but I had to get out of my comfort zone venture to another environment and stretch myself out even more...hoping to be a better person as I embark on another journey.