Maybe you are just bored

I have heard this opinion of me a few times when they hear all the activities I have gotten myself involved in..

Currently, I work full time, attend classes part-time, hold the vice-president position of a Toastmasters Club, participate in Church choir,tutor English reading once a week, pursue other interests. On top of all this, I make it a point to spend time with friends, whether it be the old or new-found friends.

I participate in all this activities not because I am bored but because these are all part of my bucket list which I have originally written a few years ago and have regularly modified.

Sometimes, I may get annoyed with their comments. It just goes to show that they don't know me or what I am capable of doing. However, I just let them be. They could go on and on on commenting on everything that I do but I will continue to pursue my interests and slowly check it off my bucket list.

This is my life. And I intend to do what I want to do with God's guidance. And with my family's support and encouragement, I shall accomplish most if not all of my goals.