A Night with Miss Lea Salonga

We had the privilege of watching one of the most amazing artists of the Philippines -Lea Salonga in Cafe Carlyle in New York City. The venue accommodates about 90 people so it was a more intimate setting. Miss Lea Salonga was actually singing 6 feet away from me. I was and still am one of her biggest fans.

One of the many things that amazes me about her aside from her singing prowess, is that in her concerts and shows, she never ceases to mention that she is a Filipino. And proud to be one. She even sang a couple of Filipino songs in a diverse crowd. She mentioned of taking a test in Facebook that actually brought laughter to the audience especially the Filipinos. The test is called- How Filipino are you? You get 3 points if you can relate the following characteristics to yourself, 2 points if it relates to an immediate family member,1 point if you know someone who has the characteristic, 0 if you don't know of anyone with the characteristic. Let me share a few traits that she mentioned:

1. You point with your lips.
2. You eat using your hands --and have it down to a technique.
3. You always have at least 3 people taking you to the airport.
4. You collect items from hotels or restaurants ' for souvenir's sake'.
5. You constantly arrive 30 minutes late before for events.
6. You say "Hoy!" to get someone's attention.
7. You answer when someone sells "Hoy".
8. You have aunts and uncles named "Girlie", "Baby" or "Boy"
9. You were raised to believe that every Filipino is an aunt, uncle or cousin.
10. You like bowling.

Once again, after Lea's great performance. She made us so proud to be a Filipino. After the show, we were privileged to have our pictures taken with her. I told her "Miss Lea, I am so glad you haven't retired or are not retiring". She replied " Why would I retire? Life is so beautiful!".

Indeed, life is beautiful. Spending the night listening to Lea croon is just one of the best things that makes life beautiful. Thank you Miss Lea!