For Dad

In our lives, we have had so many blessings.
One of the best blessings that we received was having mom as our mother and you as our dad.
With your unyielding faith in the Lord,
you taught us to be calm in most crises.
With your deep affection to mom and us,
You taught us to strengthen our bond with each other.
With your commitment to your company and employees,
You taught us to put value in everyone’s lives.
With your enduring optimism,
You taught us to see our trials in a different light.
With your admirable gentility,
You taught us that hostility may never be an option.
With your astute perceptiveness,
You taught us patience in finding solutions.
There is no one like you.No other dads do what you do.
You go the extra mile to express how you love us.
You go the extra mile to serve us in a flash.
You go the extra mile to spend time with us.
You inspire us to be better persons.
You inspire us to pay forward your selfless acts.
You inspire us to pursue our passions.
And most of all,
You altered our lives that no one can ever do.
Thank you.
We love you. And we will always be thankful for you. Happy Birthday! Happy Father’s Day!