To this day...

Oftentimes, you did not have to say a word
And yet your love we always heard
Behind every step you silently watched
And when we fall, you give us your hand.

For the perils that we did not see,
you were our eyes.
When we grappled to speak,
you were our voice.
To keep genuine hearts near,
you were our hands.
Leading us to a better path,
you were our feet.

To this day,
we constantly put you on a pedestal.
To this day,
our need for you we never outgrew.
To this day,
our decision was done in your eyes.
To this day,
we can never thank you enough
For giving us the gift to be ourselves
and be the best we can be.

Thank you Dad,
together with Mom,
you are the pillars of strength and wisdom
that have kept our family together.
We love you!

Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day!