My Extended Family

I was fortunate to have met someone a few months ago whom I can say that I have been found the most comfort like I'm so much at home. We are not blood-related however, I have come to treat this person and her family as my family here in States.

I related a few weeks ago regarding the heavy feeling that I had when I came back here from a Philippine vacation. I am feeling lighter each day. One of the reason is because of this extended family.

I think if ever you have the intention of working here or anywhere where the workplace is located far away from their family, you should make it a priority to find someone or a group of people whom you could have as an extended family. An extended family, although not comparable to you immediate family will suffice especially during holidays. I think I will always miss my family however, working here in the States is something I have to do in the meantime for my future.

But I digress, my point is, have an extended family in the States. Life here would be all the more better.