Is it all worth it to be working abroad when your family is back home

I got back from a very short vacation from the Philippines a week ago. Honestly, I found that it had been extremely hurtful for me to go back here in the States knowing that I will be away from my family for awhile again. I thought I would become immune to all the crying but it seems one doesn't become immune to it.

My question is, beneath all the professional growth that I had wanted to acquire in the States, I come to a point to question my purpose here: Is all these worth it ? Is the money that we're earning here and the personal as well as professional growth be worth it to be far away from your family? I asked my sister who has lived in the States for almost 10 years and came back home for good these questions with a tearful eye. She said " If you have gained everything that you needed to gain here, then it's time to go home. If you are not happy with what you are doing, then it's time to go home. If professionally and personally, everything is going against you for a considerable length of time, then its probably time to go home".
I am giving it some serious thought. My original plan was to stay here for approximately 5-7 years but it seems it would have to be sooner than that.

We'll see...