Balik Tayo sa Pinas! (Let's go back home to the Philippines!)

Recently, I found myself thinking of ways to find something of interest which could be another source of income. I was perusing several articles from and have found them very inspirational. Successful entrepreneurs all had one common characteristic in them--- Passion! . It was their passion and tenacity that fired them up to keep on doing what they are into despite difficulties in their businesses.

Don't get me wrong - I do love my job but I am aspiring to be my own boss in the future in my field. So for now, let me earn and save my money and let me be exposed to different techniques here in the States so that one day I would be able to use them in my own business. However, I also need to pursue other interests -interests which could eventually turn into a passion. Thus, my current research into different possibilities of businesses.

Let me just make special mention of Mr. Francisco "Jun" Aguilar who started the Filipino Migrant Workers (FMW) Group to help OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) and their relatives to re-establish themselves again in the Philippines. Also, take the case of Mr. Mike Cases who currently owns Tito Mike Food Groups of Dipolog City in Zamboanga. He used to work in Brunei however went back to the Philippines and opted to start a business that he loves doing. He found his niche in the business of bottling sardines and is currently exporting his products in Canada and the U.S. And there are more stories out there that tells of OFWs who have established successful businesses in the country, you can check it out at

My point, let us open our mind to so many opportunities around us ...and yes let us open our mind to the possibility that we could also earn millions even when we are in the Philippines.