Wooden cabinets

I am currently on leave from work for a few days. I am taking advantage of the break time that I have to de-clutter my apartment and re-arrange my bedroom and living room. As I am trying to decide and classify items which I could discard, I am reminded of my dad.

If my dad decides to change or remodel a room, he would always think of ways on how to re-use a fixture or any item somehow. Take for example, our wooden cabinets in our kitchen. My eldest sister was kind-hearted enough to finance the remodelling of our kitchen. In the planning stage of remodeling our kitchen, my other sister who is an architect decided that she would not have any use with those material in the new kitchen plan. My dad expressed concern of not throwing away those cabinets. I think its primarily because everything in our house and the house itself were the first fruits of his hard-earned labor when he and my mom were just starting out. Eventually he was able to re-use those cabinets in another room.

My point is even if I am surrounded here with the idea of consumerism, I am constantly reminded of my dad, who is frugal and at the same time gives unselfish support at appropriate times.