Save the Last Dance for Me

I never realized how interesting it was to be watching Korean telenovelas until recently. I remember a friend who recommended me to watch Sassy Girl a few years back and enjoyed watching it too. But after watching it again a few days ago, I got hooked to watching Korean telenovelas since then.

I even got to the point of watching "Coffee Prince" until 4a.m. and I would have to go to work at 8am. It was that addictive. They have very interesting stories and are fast-paced. And their dialogues are very deep and moving. I found myself staying at home more often and skipping my other interests because of this.

My most recent Korean Telenovela which I finished was "Save the Last Dance for Me" which I understand was shown a few years back in the Philippines. Now this, is I think one of the best love stories ever written.

My point of writing about Korean Telenovelas- well, they're just one form of entertainment. And in my opinion,their in-depth dialogues could give you a few lessons about family and life.