Know thyself

One of the best decisions I have made is coming to America and being on my own. I was used to being under my family's roof but because I wanted to grow more in both my professional and personal life, I made a big sacrifice to leave my family behind in the Philippines and pursue what I thought was best for me. I never regretted it.

Being on my own here helped me know myself more, my strengths and weaknesses as I handle different circumstances that would test my character. I have pursued several interests where I was able to meet different kinds of personalities, some pleasant , some not so pleasant for which I am definitely grateful for.

I am not saying everyone should leave the country to get to know yourselves, I am merely trying to encourage you that the world is big enough for everyone to explore and that I think exposing yourselves to different cultures makes you become a better person, makes you appreciative of who you are and what you have.