This Christmas

For several days, I have been doing a lot of thinking if I should go home to the Philippines this Christmas. I am sure a lot of Filipinos abroad have had this dilemma. I for one would want to go home every Christmas by all means. However, since I have only started living here a couple of years and balancing my "wealth" in between payments for rent, car , car insurance and utilities, I would have to think thoroughly hard. Since airfare tickets for Christmas really go way up even if you book a few months ahead, I have got to weigh my options.

Now fortunately, my dad had offered to pay for my airfare but still its a lot to pay for airfare for only a couple of weeks stay.

I have got to decide pretty soon because as the dates get nearer, prices go higher and higher.

Right now, I am looking at several options to travel at a very low cost. Any suggestions from anyone would be highly appreciated.