Pocket Calendar-A Must Have

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Since I moved in the States, I have received endless invitations from my college classmates, and new found friends. Because of this, having a pocket calendar I would say is a must-have. Lest you forget about important events that would strain a friendship. My friends usually give me a 2-month notice of the special events planned so I am able to plan better. I could easily check my calendar and decline if someone invites me on the same date. It makes life less stressful.

I have found that in relation to achieving your goal as you envision your future, a pocket calendar gives you an organized display of how you will achieve your goals one day at a time by doing one little thing each day that will get you closer to achieve your goals.

In my calendar, I also make sure I jot down on specified dates my financial obligations for the month so I won't miss a payment.

So whether it be as simple as a christening of a friend's son or going to a doctor's appointment, a pocket calendar helps you to be organized and up on your toes most of the time.
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